About Me

I am a Midwestern girl. I grew up in Michigan but headed south for college in search of sunshine and warmer weather. I dove in to a career in finance in New York City in 2008 before finding my way to Dallas. I love numbers, excel, and economics like most finance nerds, but I also had a creative side that was itching to be used.

During our first year of marriage, my husband Brad asked me what my dream job would be. Though I had never owned anything more than a point-and-shoot camera, I’ve always had a desire to pursue photography so that I could document our own family one day. He encouraged me to make the investment, and when my closest friends started having kids they became my practice subjects. I fell in love with photography instantly. Word spread and I began getting calls from friends of friends, and within two years I was booked every weekend.

In 2016, Jack made me a mama and it was a huge turning point for my business. Having a baby of my own has allowed me to connect with mamas and little ones from behind the camera in a whole new way. Most of all, it gave me a fresh perspective on just how precious these fleeting moments are, even the hard, sleep deprived ones when we don’t think we have anything left to give. 

While I do make it a point to dress him up for the camera every now and then, I love capturing Jack’s little personality in every day experiences. The same goes for my clients. I don’t strive to create a perfectly posed portrait; I freeze time in a way that tells the story of your family at that exact moment. This stage of life can be so demanding and challenging, but it will be over in a blink and I want to help you remember these beautiful moments forever.