Michigan Summers

I spent my summers on Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan. Life was simple, the weather was perfect, the water was crystal clear, and the beaches sandy white. There was nothing sweeter than taking my little boy back to my favorite place this summer. We spent hours riding the John Deere with Pa, eating watermelon in our swimsuits (for easy clean up), and shoveling sand and rocks. I can't wait to take him back with baby sister next year!


I love photographing friends - old and new. I met Grace's mama through a dear friend several years ago and knew her dad from college. Ten years later, here I am photographing his baby girl. 

I knew when I walked in that this was going to be a fun shoot. Grace's nursery was full of light and every feminine detail you could possibly imagine in a little girl's room. We selected the most adorable Beaufort Bonnet diaper cover with a giant pink bow and a delicate pink Feltman Brothers dress for the shoot. She was wide-eyed and so calm the entire time I was there (a rare combination in my world of photographing newborns) which meant we were able to capture some gorgeous shots with her staring into the camera. Enjoy!